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National Advisory Council

MRA National Advisory Council

Barb Carr - Oregon

Barb Johnson - Colorado

Cami Cushing McBride - Utah

Cindy Petersen - Nebraska

Desiree Larson - Utah

Diana Wirth - Oregon

Dona Rutherford - New Mexico

Doug Beehler - Idaho

Erle Smith - Arizona

Gayle Plackemeier - Texas

Gena Black - Utah

Gina Jespersen - Nebraska

Jane Hammer - North Dakota

Joan Howland - New Mexico

Jodie Perkins - Idaho

Jodie Witt - Colorado

Joyce Battaglia - California

Julie Singer - Oregon

Karen Troyer - Nebraska

Karie O'Donnell-Herbers - Washington

Katherine Merck - Washington

Kathy Shumway - Oklahoma

Kathy Thompson - South Dakota

Kathy Wilkinson - Texas

Kelly Baxley - Texas

Larry Leake - Wyoming

Lauren Heaton - Missouri

Leslie Stevens - North Dakota

Linda Myers - Wyoming

Marilyn Morphis - California

Michelle Shiner - Utah

Morgan (Smith) Gaertner -Arizona

Nancy Landino - Arizona

Patricia Bowen - Texas

Pat Kerr - Canada

Rod Myers - Wyoming

Roxanne Sasia - California

Tami Deever - Hawaii

Tara Carleo - Colorado

Ted Thompson - South Dakota

Vicki Holleman-Perez - Washington


National Advisory Council

Prior to applying to the National Advisory Council:

1) Must be a General Member, Ambassador or National Director for one year prior to applying

2) Must have attended at least one Miss Rodeo America Pageant prior to applying

Membership valid until 12/31/19

Personal Information

First Name
Last Name
Email Address
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Postal Code
Phone Number
Date Of Birth

Resume Questionnaire

1. Have your worked with your State Pageant or Organization?
If yes, Indicate official/committee positions held in your State Organization or volunteer duties:
2. How many years have you attended the MRA Pageant?

3. If you have judged MRA State or MRA National Pageants indicate when and where below.
4. How many years have you been an MRA Member?

5. Other Volunteer roles, non-committee, held at MRA Pageant?
6. Why do you want to be a member of the MRA National Advisory Council?
. Any other information you would like to add?
Photo Submission
MRAI serves indications and reserves the right to reject applications as they see fit. Not all applicants are voted into the National Advisory Council.
Terms and Conditions

Once you are appointed to the National Advisory Council:

1) Must pay dues as set by the Executive Board

2) Must attend a minimum of one meeting of the Board of Directors per year

(mid year or the annual meeting at the Pageant/unless otherwise attending to Pageant business during the scheduled meeting time). Attendance at both meetings is STRONGLY encouraged

3) Assist in the planning and production of the Miss Rodeo America Pageant

4) May or may not be involved with their State Pageant

5) May vote their state’s proxy if said proxy is assigned to them

6) Understand, membership to the National Advisory Council is determined annually by the Executive Board and is based on performance and interest in the Miss Rodeo America organization.

7) Membership to the Miss Rodeo America, Inc., National Advisory Council is at the sole discretion of the MRAI Executive Board on an annual basis.

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