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NEW National Advisory Council Application

Prior to applying to the National Advisory Council:

1) Must be a General Member, Ambassador or National Director for one year prior to applying

2) Must have attended and actively worked on a pageant committee at a minimum of one Miss Rodeo America Pageant prior to applying

Personal Information

Resume Questionnaire

2. How many years have you attended the MRA Pageant?

4. How many years have you been an MRA Member?

Photo Submission
Other Memberships
What other member levels are you included in?

What state/year were you when you competed at MRA?
MRAI serves indications and reserves the right to reject applications as they see fit. Not all applicants are voted into the National Advisory Council.
Terms and Conditions

Once you are appointed to the National Advisory Council:

1) Must pay dues as set by the Executive Board

2) Must attend a minimum of one meeting of the Board of Directors per year

(annual year or the Pageant meeting/unless otherwise attending to Pageant business during the scheduled meeting time). Attendance at both meetings is STRONGLY encouraged

3) Assist in the planning and production of the Miss Rodeo America Pageant

4) May or may not be involved with their State Pageant

5) May vote their state’s proxy if said proxy is assigned to them

6) Understand, membership to the National Advisory Council is determined annually by the Executive Board and is based on performance and interest in the Miss Rodeo America organization.

7) Membership to the Miss Rodeo America, Inc., National Advisory Council is at the sole discretion of the MRAI Executive Board on an annual basis.

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