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2018 Donors

The Miss Rodeo America Scholarship Foundation relies on donors of all amounts. We are only able to offer scholarships to the most deserving of young ladies competing in the Miss Rodeo America Pageant because of the following people and corporate partners support.

Camping World
WESTERN STARS $5000-$14,999
TRAILBLAZERS $1,000-$4,999
Kelly & Cindy Baxley, Bucks for Bags
Kathleen Berg, Bucks for Bags
Tracy Brophy, Bucks for Bags
Bennie Calae, Bucks for Bags X2
John and Shonda Carter, Bucks for Bags
Deborah Dilley, Personality Scholarship
Victoria French Blatchford, Bucks for Bags
Alan & Jeanne Hall, Bucks for Bags
Jayne Huhgate, Bucks for Bags
Arlene Kensinger, Congeniality Award
Theresa Lageschaar, Bucks for Bags X2
Kevin Roaley, Bucks for Bags X2
James Rosdil, Bucks for Bags
Greg Williams, Bucks for Bags
Women’s Professional Rodeo Association, Chap Award

FRIENDS $1-$999

*Chrissy Allen, Horsemanship Scholarship
Sherri Arkoosh in memory of Bill Hervey, Marjorie Murphy and Sharon Halligan
Rod Bergkamp, Bucks for Bags
*Sandy Kay Brazile, Horsemanship Scholarship
Nyla Bristow, Bucks for Bags
Colby Cairns, Bucks for Bags
*Sandi Cardwell, Horsemanship Scholarship
Tammy Chapman, Bucks for Bags
Deborah Dilley in memory of Bill Hervey, Ron Plackemeier and Sharon Halligan
Frankie Engel
Lu Fabarito, Bucks for Bags
*Dallas George, Horsemanship Scholarship
Mark George, Bucks for Bags
Candy Gratton in memory of Marjorie Murphy
Chere Hart, Bucks for Bags
Raylah Holm, Bucks for Bags X2
*Almabeth Caroll Kaess, Horsemanship Scholarship
Lolly Klug, Horsemanship Scholarship
Miss Rodeo Mississippi Foundation in memory of Ron Plackemeier
*Martha Mumby, Horsemanship Scholarship
National Western Stock Show, Denver, CO
Karie O’Donnell Herbers in memory of Marjorie Murphy
Karie O’Donnell Herbers, Bucks for Bags
Bill Ott, Bucks for Bags
Gideon Pearsall, Bucks for Bags
Alan Rasmussen, Bucks for Bags
Kristi Schiller, Bucks for Bags
Joyce Sheffield, Bucks for Bags
Clayton Stallings, Bucks for Bags
Mardee Swanson in memory of Bill Hervey, Ron Plackemeier, Mary Lou Clark and Jean Baxley Burns
Tawana Timberlake, Bucks for Bags
*McKenzie Vice, Horsemanship Scholarship
*Chris Williams, Horsemanship Scholarship

Logan Wore, Bucks for Bags

*Denotes a Former Miss Rodeo America

** Special thank you to members of the MRAI Executive Board, National Advisory Council, National Directors, Pageant Contestants, former Miss Rodeo America’s and Past Presidents who supported the ticket sales project and to those who contributed items for the drawings.

***A very special thank you to Ms. Joni Nash, Mrs. Jesse Gearhart Staton and Mr. Rod Bergkamp for providing their time and talent to serve as our auctioneers.

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