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Press Releases

Miss Rodeo America Pageant Intern Opportunity

The Miss Rodeo America Pageant Intern’s main duties will be to assist the Social Media
Director in covering the pageant activities, however, they will assist with any other duties as
necessary. The job will include but is not limited to:
● Capturing behind-the-scenes video and photography
● Creating pageant-related graphics
● Assisting in posting on the official Miss Rodeo America channels
● Creating and editing videos
● All other duties as assigned
Strong applicants will be well versed with social media outside of personal use as well as
understand basic photography and videography.
MRAP intern candidates must be at least 21 years old and have experience in the rodeo queen
industry. Former rodeo queens and past Miss Rodeo America contestants are encouraged to
The MRAP intern will act with integrity and understand the importance of having
behind-the-scenes access to the pageant. The intern will not be allowed to discuss sensitive
pageant activities outside of MRAI staff and the executive board.
The MRAP intern will need to plan on being in Las Vegas from November 26th until December
4th after the coronation. Lodging will be provided. Although the position is unpaid, school credit
can be arranged.

To apply or for more information please email mraioffice@missrodeoamerica.com

Miss Rodeo America Trademarked Logo Usage

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Miss Rodeo America symbolizes the youth of our nation who wish to further promote Agriculture, and the sport of Professional Rodeo, and in doing so, promotes the great western way of life. The organization that supports the First Lady of Professional Rodeo is Miss Rodeo America, Inc. Miss Rodeo America is an icon and the MRAI organization is deeply rooted in traditions and history. Not only is the MRA logo a recognizable brand, but it is also a registered owned by Miss Rodeo America, Inc. State organizations who hold an official affiliation with Miss Rodeo America, Inc. and MRA approved sponsors are the only entities allowed to utilize any of the MRA logos and trademarks. While we assume that it was unintentional, the MRA logo has been copied and used by other unapproved groups. As a reminder, any unauthorized use of the MRA logo and trademarks is a violation of Federal and State laws and constitutes trademark infringement. We appreciate your understanding of our need to maintain the MRA reputation and goodwill associated with these marks.

Miss Rodeo America Announces New Partnership


Miss Rodeo America, Inc. announces a new partnership with Of The West as the “Official Job Platform” of the Miss Rodeo America organization.

Created in 2020, Of The West is a job platform solely dedicated to positions and employees in the agriculture and western industries. From farm, ranch, and equine jobs to careers in western sports, ag business, and everything in between, Of The West was built to change the way people find jobs and hire employees in the agriculture and western industries.

“The Miss Rodeo America organization is deeply rooted in promoting and preserving the agriculture and western industries, so this partnership is a natural fit,” says Jessie Jarvis, Founder, and CEO of Of The West. “At both the state and national levels, contestants within the Miss Rodeo America program learn firsthand the importance of hard work, character, networking, and are incredible spokespeople for our industry. Those skills are exactly what businesses in ag and western are looking for when it comes to filling roles, and we are proud to help play a part in connecting those.”

Of The West proudly serves members of the ag and western industries from coast to coast, in both the United States and Canada, offering job postings for entry-level internships all the way through advanced full-time employment opportunities. This partnership seamlessly aligns with Of The West’s mission to help agriculture and western industries have access to stronger talent, and to provide more opportunities for women in ag and western. Of The West will also provide Miss Rodeo America contestants with exclusive career resources and educational opportunities.

“We are thrilled to be partnered with Of The West,” says Jeana Linton, Miss Rodeo America, Inc. Executive Director. This is a perfect platform for young ladies who have held state rodeo queen titles and are now ready to explore career opportunities in the western and agricultural fields. There has not been a central resource to bring employers together with our former contestants where they can match up workforce needs with workforce talents. It’s always said that being a rodeo queen will garner you with not only memorable experiences, but also the skills needed to better your future career. We are proud to offer a valuable resource to our alumni to benefit them beyond the crown.”

To learn more about Of The West, visit ofthewest.co.

Miss Rodeo America symbolizes the youth of our nation who wish to further promote Agriculture, and the sport of Professional Rodeo, and in doing so, promotes the great western way of life. She is the ideal, agriculturally oriented American young woman, who embodies professionalism, speaks intelligently, and has integrity, good character, knowledge and grace. She consistently models and demonstrates these characteristics as she travels extensively across our country and at times, to other countries as well. The primary mission of Miss Rodeo America is that she will promote the western culture and way of life by educating the general public on topics including ranching and farming heritage, the agriculture industry, and the sport of rodeo. An additional outcome is to provide educational opportunities for these young women to be prepared for the leadership positions of tomorrow.

To learn more about Miss Rodeo America, visit missrodeoamerica.com

Miss Rodeo America, Inc. Office Hours

The office hours of Miss Rodeo America, Inc. are now 10:00 am-3:00 pm MST.

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