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Miss Rodeo America, Inc. Office Information

Miss Rodeo America, Inc.
101 Pro Rodeo Drive
Colorado Springs, Co 80919
M-F: 10:00am-3:00pm MST

Mission of Miss Rodeo America, Inc.

The Miss Rodeo America Pageant objective is to select a National Ambassador for the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association, its sponsors, and supporters. The primary mission of the process is that she will promote the western culture and way of life by educating the general public on topics including ranching and farming heritage, the agriculture industry, and the sport of rodeo. An additional outcome is to provide educational opportunities for these young women to be prepared for the leadership positions of tomorrow.

About Miss Rodeo America

Miss Rodeo America symbolizes the youth of our nation who wish to further promote Agriculture, and the sport of Professional Rodeo, and in doing so, promotes the great western way of life. She is the ideal, agriculturally oriented American young woman, who embodies professionalism, speaks intelligently, and has integrity, good character, knowledge and grace. She consistently models and demonstrates these characteristics as she travels extensively across our country and at times, to other countries as well.

Miss Rodeo America travels some 100,000 miles during the year of her reign, appearing at nearly 100 rodeo performances, as well as appearances at schools, civic groups and other special events, educating the public and creating awareness about the sport of rodeo, its sponsors, and its opportunities. We encourage you to come out and meet Miss Rodeo America when she makes an appearance at a rodeo or event near you and join Miss Rodeo America in supporting the great western rodeo tradition.


The annual Miss Rodeo America Pageant hosts beautiful and talented cowgirls from across the country. These hopefuls – having already spent a year as reigning queen for their representative states – converge for a weeklong competition in late November/early December to select one deserving young woman to reign as Miss Rodeo America for the coming year.

These energetic cowgirls are judged in the major categories of personality, appearance, horsemanship and rodeo knowledge & presentation, demonstrating her skills in public speaking, personal interviewing, horsemanship, knowledge of rodeo and general equine science, current event awareness, photogenic qualities, visual poise, and overall professionalism.

The pageant is a glamorous prelude to the famous Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, the PRCA’s year-end championship event also held in Las Vegas in December.


In addition to conducting the annual pageant competition, the organization administers the scholarship program. Providing educational opportunities to young ladies competing in the Miss Rodeo America Pageant is a major focus of the organization.


We have a rich tradition and a distinguished alumni of past Miss Rodeo Americas, many who continue to contribute to the organization, the sport of professional rodeo and our western lifestyle, long after their reign.

Rich in history and western tradition, the Miss Rodeo America organization relies on its faithful sponsors and an tireless volunteer membership to maintain the integrity and continued success of Miss Rodeo America. Please join us – either as a member at some level or as a business sponsor.

Miss Rodeo America, Inc. Grievance Process


Scope: Review State Organization Concerns.

Purpose: A fair process to review and help resolve real issues of fact-based grievances which were unable to be resolved at the State Organization level.

This does not replace your existing process for resolving state grievance concerns. Should a grievance remain unresolved in your state, this is another avenue for a final resolution. A State Organization may adopt this process if preferred, but it is not necessary to change what is already working for your organization.

Policy & Procedure

Grievance Notification: After documented unsuccessful resolution attempts with State Organization, Grievant can file an online submission to the MRAI’s Office. Bringing a grievance to MRAI after investigation by a State will not be considered if the only issue is the grievant does not like the decision. If said State has not followed their own procedures or the grievant can show unreasonable efforts of investigating or following up on the grievance may the matter be brought to MRAI.

Depending on the nature of the grievance, it may be required to be turned over to legal counsel. Legal fees incurred by MRAI that are the result of the grievance filed against the State Organization will become the responsibility of the State Organization and/or grievant to pay.

Submission must include detailed attempt(s) for resolution, as well as details of the grievance along with fact-based supporting documents, including dates, social media posts, emails, etc.

Submission is confidential in nature.To properly investigate the grievance and attempt to obtain resolution, the identity of grievant may be shared with the interested parties.

Multiple grievances must be filed individually; however, they may be bundled during the review process by MRAI.

A grievance involving a Titleholder must be filed by the titleholder herself. Grievance from a parent/legal guardian will not be considered.

Any grievance involving a State Organization in the Miss Rodeo America, Inc program will not be considered if the MR State organization has not had the opportunity to try and resolve the grievance. To clarify, MRAI grants a participation agreement for a state organization to operate within their respective state and each state with a Participation Agreement is required to have a grievance policy in place.

If there were NO CLEAR AND DEMONSTRABLE ATTEMPT(S) TO RESOLVE this concern with the party cited and/or the State Board of Directors, it will not be considered. If NO CLEAR AND DEMONSTRABLE ATTEMPT(S) AT RESOLUTION with the party cited and/or the State Board of Directors, MRAI will forward this grievance in its entirety to either the Individual cited, the State Organization leadership, or both without notice to garner a proper attempt at resolution through the State Organization.

Only factual, detailed, and clearly marked/labeled information that clearly supports any perceived violation or grievance will potentially be reviewed. For example, if a violation of an agreement, policy, rule, etc. is cited, the actual documentation of such must be provided. It is not the responsibility of MRAI nor the potential Grievance Committee to investigate and seek additional documentation not provided.

Grievance must contain only factual details that clearly and concisely support the concern. The documentation cannot include opinions, implied interpretation, conjecture, hearsay, expressed or implied false claims, etc. It also does not require a search through myriads of unlabeled documentation to try to connect the areas of concern.

Grievance Committee: If Grievance is accepted for further review by MRAI, a committee will review grievance. To reiterate, it is not the responsibility of MRAI nor the potential Grievance Committee to investigate and seek additional documentation not provided by the grievant.

Grievance Committee Proceedings: After the Grievance is accepted by MRAI for review and the independent panel is established, the Grievant will be notified, and the first meeting of the Committee will be held within ten (10) business days of receipt of grievance.

Upon conclusion of its review and consideration of the Accepted Grievance, the Grievance Committee will make a recommendation with respect to possible appropriate corrective or disciplinary action to the Miss Rodeo America, Inc Organization within thirty (30) days of receipt of grievance. Miss Rodeo America, Inc. does not have the power to return titles, change titles or determine award receipts.Miss Rodeo America, Inc. also may not determine the membership of or officers of a State Organization, except as provided by MRAI by-laws, policies and procedures and PA agreements.The only resolution that Miss Rodeo America may adopt is to either place a State on probation or deny a State their PA agreement.

The Miss Rodeo America, Inc. Organization will promptly consider and determine whether to accept or modify the recommendation and provide notice to the Grievant and the relevant State holding the Participation Agreement issued by MRAI.

By submitting a Grievance, the Grievant agrees to abide by the resolution process and agrees to the confidentiality and non-disclosure of the grievance, subject to any rights or remedies under applicable law and the relevant Titleholder Agreement and/or State Participation Agreement. All legal fees accrued by MRAI in order to resolve the grievance will be billed to the Grievant or State organization holding the Participation Agreement and paid by the Grievant or the State organization holding the PA within 30 days of billing.

Grievances may be submitted electronically to: mraioffice@missrodeoamerica.com In addition, please send a hard copy to: Miss Rodeo America, Inc. 101 Pro Rodeo Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80919

Miss Rodeo America, Inc. is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization.
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