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Media Credential Request

MRA Pageant Media Credentials

TO REQUEST MEDIA CREDENTIALS please fill out the DOMESTIC Media Credentials Form below:

Please take a moment to fill out the form completely as this is essential to the credentialing process. This will allow us to plan accordingly and accommodate you properly during your visit to the Miss Rodeo America Pageant. So that we may accommodate everyone, we are issuing press credentials only to working media.

Once the business office has received your request, you will receive a notification of its status and/or a confirmation letter from the MRAP media committee.

.Contact Media Committee by emailing the Miss Rodeo America, Inc. office at mraioffice@missrodeoamerica.com

.NOTE: For media credentials for the WNFR, contact Jim Bainbridge at 719-593-8840 or fax request to 719-548-4889. This must be done PRIOR to your arrival.

Media Credential Request

Media Type

Other Media Peronnel

Describe where & how the content will be used.

Pageant Events
Please check all events you'd like to attend

Terms & Conditions
By submitting this form you agree to the following  

Our organization agrees that MRAP Press Credentials will be used per the following:

1. For working media only. Must be either an approved freelance reporter or a paid employee of organization and over age 18.

2. Allows access to all public events of the MRAP. Coverage of and admittance to non-public events may be approved with prior notice. Although every effort is made to provide optimum working space to pre-approved media, meals and/or guaranteed seating are not provided to any MRAP event unless a ticket is purchased for that event(s).

3. Allows unlimited access to the MRAP Hospitality Suite and Photo/Scrapbook/State Table Display rooms, located inside the Tropicana Las Vegas Conference Center.

4. Must wear the issued MRAP Media Credential visibly on self at all times.

5. Any photograph or video taken during the MRA Pageant is ONLY allowed to be used in approved formats nor resold. By agreeing to these terms, you understand that action may be taken again you and/or your employer if these terms are infringed upon. The MRA Pageant has an Official Photographer, Sherry Smith Photography, and Official Pageant Videographer, who are the only authorized media agents allowed to sell photos or footage from the MRA Pageant. NO CAMERAS WILL BE ALLOWED AT SPEECHES.

6. Once on site, any person/entity found not following pageant rules for media will have credentials revoked and will be escorted from the event.

As an authorized representative of the above stated organization, I agree that those persons listed on this Media Credential Request Form will abide by the above stated conditions or risk having their credentials revoked.


Domestic Media: Return request form prior to Oct. 31st for approval.

International Media: Return request form by Oct. 31st for approval.

Independent/Freelance Media: Return request form by Oct. 31st for approval.

Domestic, mainstream media requests after Nov. 15th will be handled on site at the pageant. ALL INDEPENDENT/FREELANCE MEDIA AND ALL INTERNATIONAL MEDIA MUST HAVE ADVANCE APPROVAL. No Exceptions.

To all others, we would appreciate the favor of a phone call to the business office at 719-313-9063 if you plan to issue a late request. After Thanksgiving, all pageant personnel can be reached at the mrapmedia@missrodeoamerica.com

Also, if you'll review the tentative schedule, you will see that the contestants operate on a very tight timetable. They will not have any free time away from the pageant. This is why it is imperative that you plan ahead for your coverage and must allow the media committee to assist you in coordinating interviews and photo sessions for individual contestants, committee volunteers, staff, sponsors or others.

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