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The Foundation offers donors the opportunity to support those who appreciate the sport of professional rodeo, and a way of life that was founded on the legacy of the American Cowboy. In doing so, it offers donors the opportunity to protect and preserve our Western Heritage and lifestyle.


Your contributions to the scholarship program, in any amount, are welcome and vital.

Monetary contributions may be in the form of a one-time gift, or as an ongoing commitment through a structured payment schedule at pre-determined intervals. Additionally, stocks, bonds, property, or naming the Miss Rodeo America Scholarship Foundation as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy are all equally valuable ways of supporting the Foundation.

Bequests to the Foundation through a will, trust, or other estate planning vehicle will serve as lifelong memorials to honor a friend or loved one, as feelings of gratitude and tribute are seldom easy to eloquently and permanently express.


Our primary emphasis in fund raising efforts will be to establish and develop a self-perpetuating scholarship fund which guarantees the program's continuation for tomorrow's leaders. Several levels of giving have been defined to provide a focus for the Foundation program:

  • Legacy—$30,000+*
  • Western Heritage Partners—$15,000-$29,999
  • Western Stars—$5,000-$14,999
  • Trailblazers—$1,000-$4,999
  • Friends—$1-$999

*Corporations or individuals who wish to provide a major gift of $30,000 or more may do so by contributing to a one-time gift that guarantees the continuation of one or more Foundation scholarships. A gift to fully fund a scholarship must be approximately 20 times the annual scholarship amount.

Important Notes About Scholarship Contributions

All contributions are tax deductible funds received by the scholarship Foundation will be used only for their intended purpose Funds will be invested as a lump sum into a diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds and other instruments. An Investment Committee shall monitor all funds, and present recommendations to the board of directors for their continuing investment.


RECIPIENT—The Recipient of a Miss Rodeo America Foundation scholarship reaps the primary benefit. Such financial assistance allows contestants to further their education, while easing the financial strain of tuition, books, fees and other costs associated with higher education.

DONOR—You benefit because your gift is tax deductible. More importantly, you have the personal satisfaction of knowing that you have played a major role in the continuation of this program.

PROFESSIONAL RODEO—The Miss Rodeo America Pageant, and the sport of rodeo benefit, too. Offering scholarships to contestants is a very real incentive that attracts quality young women from throughout the country who are proven leaders, highly motivated, dedicated, loyal and energetic in their quest to preserve the legacy and legends of the American West. Please do your part to assist them in that quest.

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