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Darci Robertson


Darci Robertson, Miss Rodeo America 2004, thrives on setting goals and achieving them. But for this highly successful cowgirl, winning the title "First Lady of Professional Rodeo" ranks as her crowning achievement so far. She is the 49th young lady to earn this distinct honor.

The 22-year-old resident of Santa Cruz, CA, will take a year off from her studies in biochemistry and biotechnology at California Polytechnic University to promote the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association across the country. She is expected to travel approximately 100,000 miles to over 100 rodeos and related events throughout the year.

After her reign, she plans to utilize her scholarship funds to complete her undergraduate work and then attend Stanford School of Medicine to study anesthesiology. In addition to rodeo, Miss Robertson enjoys riding, training and showing her American Quarter Horses. Currently, her primary horse is a four-year old sorrel gelding named Plum's Flashy. Although he's bred for cutting, she is training him for reining and other events. He's already proven to be a proud flag bearer at the local rodeos.

Singing, dancing, restoring classic cars, snowmobiling, cowboy poetry, playing guitar, kick boxing, playing the piano, camping, hiking, rock climbing, off-roading, skiing, photography, musical theatre and target practice are a few of her other hobbies. Darci's has chosen to participate in the ongoing effort to keep youth from exposure to illegal drugs. She is an active member is both D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) and S.A.D. (Society Against Drugs).

An elegant and statuesque figure standing tall at 5'10" with hazel eyes and flowing blonde tresses, Miss Robertson speaks boldly of her faith and commitment. "There is no better way to show my faith in God, my family and my country, while promoting and preserving the America traditions and pride found in the sport of rodeo, than to serve as Miss Rodeo America, " says Darci Robertson, Miss Rodeo America 2004.

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