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NEW MRAI Lifetime Gold Member Application

MRAI Lifetime Gold Membership is ideal for those members who want to remain involved, but do not intend to be active.

Prior to qualifying & applying for MRAI Gold Status:

1) Must have been an Ambassador, served as a National Advisory Council member, National Director or on the MRAI Executive Board for a minimum combined total of 25 years.

2) Must have attended at least ten Miss Rodeo America Pageant’s and served on various pageant committees prior to applying.

Explain your intended future involvement with MRA.

Personal Information

Resume Questionnaire

3. If you are requesting MRAI Gold status based on your longevity as a volunteer with Miss Rodeo America, Inc., please list the capacities in which you served and your years of service in each specific area.
Other Membership Levels
What other member levels are you included in?

What state/year were you when you competed at MRA?
I agree to the terms and conditions

Once you are approved by the MRAI Executive Board for MRAI Lifetime Gold Status:

1) Must pay dues as set by the Executive Board.

2) Are encouraged (as ability allows) to serve on pageant committees during pageant week.

3) You are not required to attend meetings to maintain your membership, but MRA Lifetime Gold Members are always welcome to attend meetings and the pageant.

4) Are challenged to inspire others to enrich their lives by joining the Miss Rodeo America organization.

5) Continued efforts in serving as a positive role model for Miss Rodeo America, Inc. are paramount in your position as an MRAI Lifetime Gold member.

6) Involvement in their State Pageant is strictly at their own discretion.

7) May vote their state proxy if said proxy is assigned to them.

8) Membership to MRAI Lifetime Gold elite status is at the sole discretion of the MRAI Executive Board on an annual basis.

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